6 Simple Tips for the Maintenance of Your VR Headset

Like the other headsets, your VR headset is prone to sweat, dust, and other substances on a regular basis. These substances can damage the hardware if they’re allowed to accumulate over a certain period. Cleaning and maintenance of your VR headset, therefore, becomes extremely necessary.

For those who use VR headsets for giving demonstrations and conducting training sessions, regular maintenance becomes even more important. Here, we’re sharing some simple maintenance tips to keep your VR headset in a good working condition:

1. Don’t expose your VR headset to direct sunlight

You must keep your VR headset in places that are protected from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can damage the lenses of these headsets. Make sure that your VR headset is not exposed to direct sunlight even when you’re using it.

The room where you keep or store your headset must also be well-ventilated. However, you must take adequate measures to prevent dust from entering the room. You must also make sure that you don’t place your VR headset on top of other electronic items.

2. When not in use, keep your VR headset on a stand or mount

It is important not to leave VR headsets in places with high chances of their delicate components getting damaged. No matter how delightful your experience is with your VR headset, there will be times when it sits idle. So, it’s a good idea to get a stand or mount for it. The best stand would be the one with a provision for handheld controllers. It will provide a stable support to your VR headset.

3. Wipe your VR headset gently after every use

You might not be in the mood to wipe your VR headset clean after every use. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential as your headset and controllers might have some oil or sweat on them. As sweat is corrosive, it can cause the material on the headset cushion to break down. You can get rid of such substances on your VR headset with a quick wipe. Make sure that you’re using a clean, damp cloth for this purpose.

4. Don’t use alcohol for cleaning

Alcohol can damage the protective coating on the lenses of VR headsets. You must, therefore, take utmost care not to use alcohol for cleaning your VR headset. Even if it already has a screen protector, avoid using alcohol for cleaning. A dry piece of microfiber cloth would be enough. You can also wet it with a bit of water if required. If your headset has a removable plastic or rubber guard, remove it completely before washing.

5. Replace the components of your VR headset if needed

You might be doing your best to clean the face cushions of your VR headset. Despite all the efforts you’re taking, they can still get worn down. They might also absorb too much bacteria after a while. As the face cushions are not expensive, you can just go ahead and get their replacements.

6. Have a space for VR gaming that’s wide open

Among the most important requirements in VR gaming is space. So, if you don’t have a wide open space for VR gaming, it won’t be good for your VR headset. Having a fairly large open space would allow you to enjoy a pleasant VR gaming experience.

By having such a space, you can also protect yourself from VR-related accidents. It would be a good idea to have someone watch over you while you’re playing in VR. They would warn you when you’re about to venture out of your play area.

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